Museum Documentation Resources

ICOM-CIDOC (Site of the International Committee for Documentation of the International Council of Museums)

Site Including:

  • Museum Information Standards

  • Museums & Cultural Heritage Information Standards Resource Guide

  • "International Guidelines for Museum Object Information"

  • Draft International Core Data Standard forArchaeological Sites and Monuments

  • "Introduction to Multimedia in Museums"

  • International Organizations Relevant to Museum Documentation

    Museum Computer Network

    Getty Information Institute including:

  • "Introduction to Imaging" (an online essay by Howard Besser and Jennifer Trant)

  • "Protecting Cultural Objects Through International Documentation Standards" (online report by Robin Thornes)

  • Cyberspace / PublicSpace (Three papers examining the role of the arts and culture in defining the public sphere of the information age.)

  • Arts & Technology Summit Meeting Report (Carnegie Mellon U)

  • Museum Educational Site Licensing Project

  • Categories for the Description of Works of Art Initiative

  • The Los Angeles Concept (blueprint for a community network for L.A.)

    Museum Documentation Association ("The Museum Documentation Association is funded by the Museums and Galleries Commission to encourage best practice in all aspects of museum documentation. This task has many aspects, and perhaps the simplest way to understand it is to say that we do for documentation what the MGC does for a broader range of museum issues.")
    Site Includes:

  • Spectrum: The UK Museum Documentation Standard

  • Outreach Resources

  • Documentation Factsheets

  • Publications Listing

    "Museum Collections and the Information Superhighway" (Proceedings from a conference held May 10, 1995 at the Science Museum, London)


  • Iconclass

  • Art & Architecture Thesaurus

  • Thesaurus for Graphic Materials (Library of Congress Classification)