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           Address:  Los Angeles County Museum of Art
                     Art Research Library
                     5905 Wilshire Boulevard
                     Los Angeles, CA 90036
                     Now incorporates Craft amd Folk Art Museum Library

           Country:  United States

 Electronic Access:

  Telephone Number:  (+1) 323 - 857-6118

      Access Hours:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 12.00-20.00; Friday 12.00-21.00; Saturday, Sunday 11.00-20.00

    Annual Closing:  Wednesdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas

 Number of Volumes:  150,000

Date of Foundation:  1965

        Librarians:  Deborah Barlow Smedstad, Head Librarian  (
                     Susan Trauger, Associate Librarian (
                     John Barone, Librarian/Cataloger  (
                     Joan Benedetti, Librarian (
                     Alexis Curry, Librarian (
                     Ming Hsia, Librarian

    Record updated:  9/25/2001